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8-Bit Smells Like Teen Spirit 8-Bit Smells Like Teen Spirit

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please don do this

why do u wreck all the best songs. nirvana made this song and they made it with guitar bass and drums and it shoukd stay like that

Smells Like Teen Spirit Remix Smells Like Teen Spirit Remix

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nirvana made history with the awesome music they made. u are destroying the music. let the music be. this is such a bad thing to do. do u think kurt cobain would be happy?
i hope ur ashamed

M.E.A.T.F (Rough copy) M.E.A.T.F (Rough copy)

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your like the girl version of kurt cobain

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Sour-Cherry responds:

I wouldn't say Kurt Cobain but he is a great musician
thanks for the comparison and the review
Have a nice day

Ephemerality Ephemerality

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this song jut made me happy

its so cool

but its grunge not indie

i just love it

keep rockin

Gutterfly responds:

Wowzers, my first review.
Thanks for the kind words man.
I think I'll actually submit some more stuff to the portal now.

Terra Angelica Terra Angelica

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it sounds depresing...(good depresing)

i just love it

omg how old are you

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Gunshy responds:

omg it says how old i am on my profile
thanks for the 10
good depressing, ah yes i understand this concept.
slice of my life: i'm listening to "stabbing westward" at work, and this girl asks if i'm depressed. "no, not really. why?"
"cuz i only listen to this kinda shit when i'm depressed."
"Oh. yeah, i guess. i'm actually backwards like that. when i'm depressed, the last thing i want to hear is depressing music."
and it's true. it's like i listen to instrumental metal or jazz or techno or whatever when i'm depressed. the rest of the time it's the cure and pink floyd and nirvana and all that good, rotten, depressing, angry stuff. that's me!

Homophobe (rough Demo) Homophobe (rough Demo)

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keep grunging

you remind me of nirvana

this song is amazing

i love it

really good voice...
really good band...

you just rock

i hope I hear you in the radio soon... :D

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Sour-Cherry responds:

Why thank you =D (personally I don't think homophobe is that great of a song) gawsh what am I saying. I guess I'm at the stage were I hate my own creations, you know were they drive you mad!!!. I'll get over I spose and say, thank you for even bothering to even listen!!!!